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TingA partners with funders to help farmers engage in farming mechanization. As Kenya’s a developing country, TingA helps smallholder farmers access mechanization and supports them through an integrated value chain approach in practicing farming mechanization by making it affordable to them. The equipment renter has trained more than 8000 farmers across the country and has been offering mechanization services to the farmers that has yielded threefold returns for the farmers in various regions.

Farmer training and mechanization services focus strongly on conservation agriculture techniques. The initiative has helped the country meet domestic demands by strengthening local production and food security. This kind of sustainable solution encompasses applying modern technology, efficient machinery, and new ways of farming while minimizing environmental effects.

Research & development

TingA also invests in extensive research and development of agriculture and modern farming knowledge. We are also able to import agricultural machinery and modern technologies according to their suitability to the country’s climatic and geographical conditions as well as future needs.

Why partner with us?


Be a part of making an impact on sustainable farming and food security


We focus on sustainable agriculture, food production, and food security


We build a sense of community


Understand the farming mechanization needs of the communities


Opportunity to be a collaborative partner with other funders

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